Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sometimes NOTHING turns into something

Well April 1st the man i am so inlove with asked me to marry him. YES was the answer..
life has been getting more and more intresting out here in this goofy town of tombstone. But nothing i cant handle.
2 places out here have been put on my shit list..  1. Dragoon Saloon . 2. Tricia's Special Touch.
If you dont want to get screwed by either place my advice and this is just MY opinion do not go there..
I will say nothing more about either place.. that is all.....

People read my statues on facebook and take things the wrong way. Well unless i direct it towards you then it has NOTHING to do with you....
I stand strong when someone messes with my family and i will NOT tolerate it.
I dont care!!! it is that simple.. screw with them , you screw with me..
Well with that being said.. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!


  1. spread the knowledge cousin!!! love you

  2. see but that changed my NOTHING into something. I have to make sure i never do that love u too cousin!