Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yes GTP it is late but it is here. lol

Well i was asked yesterday by GTP "hey dont you have a blog to work on?" I laughed and said yea well i should but i really have nothing....
I have so much to say but it all boils down to nothing.. I live in a goofy little town of tombstone AZ..
I dont have to go into town very often because between Porn and GTP i get the full scoop of all the craziness in town.. I still am trying to figure out how i ended up in this town. Well i know the real reason and i would not change it for anything..
Ok i think i wrote to much because NOTHING turned into something...
Now it is time to debate between Chicken that guy or Meat Wades. (is that how wade is spelled) i have no clue...
Have a great day everyone..
and OH WOW I am shocked 206 views for a blog that is about NOTHING.. go figure.
I guess if Seinfeld was able to do a show about NOTHING i can do a blog about nothing.. HMMMM i think i may have something here..