Tuesday, March 29, 2011

since i am world wide maybe someone has an answer

In a conversation last night with my ole man the word DAFETUS was said. huh what kind of word is that..
well if anyone has a clue fill me in..
see i will take it like this. I am originally from chicago. and we say DA BEARS.. so for me i look at it as
I looked up this word and came up with NOTHING...
Well have a GREAT day everyone..
hopefully someone can give me an answer. lmao


  1. I am but thats ok.. lol..
    strange in a good way.. but hey bro i figured out how to see my audience and yup i am world wide too.. lmao

  2. Not trying to tell us something are you Ilise...Da Fetus???? hmmmmmmmm

  3. OMG NOOO Allie. I am NOT .. lol get that out of your mind!!..
    It was a stupid conversation between the ole man and i last night. just being goofy!!..

  4. we called lil O DA BLOB....I guess DA FETUS would have been better..lol